"I Saw a UFO!"

It happened some years ago, in the Dandenong Ranges beyond Melbourne, Australia.

Five of us had crowded into a Volkswagen 'beetle' in Melbourne and headed for the studio house of a well-known Australian artist, whose son was with us. We reached the Dandenongs around ten at night, and drove on along a dirt track through thick uninhabited forest into the totally still night. The sky was pitch-black. Only the stars indicated the profiles of the surrounding hills.

Suddenly we all noticed a moving light to our left, in the sky above the hills. It was about the size of a 'shooting star' (meteorite), but was more yellow than white, and it darted around and also instantaneously moved vertically both up and down two or three times, before it finally vanished behind a hill. We watched in total silence. The whole episode lasted no more than about thirty seconds.

If it had been any sort of aircraft we knew, we would certainly have heard it in the still night, even over the sound of our car engine, but it was silent. And no aircraft we knew moved like that.

Also, the feeling we all had while observing it was strange it wasn't excitement or even awe, but an almost trance-like, slightly 'electric' passivity which continued for some time after the event. I subsequently learned that such feelings are commonly reported by those who say they have witnessed similar phenomena.

Was it a craft visiting from outer space? Was it a secret earthly one? Was it some as-yet unexplained phenomenon of Nature?

I do not know, but I know that I have never witnessed or felt anything quite like it before or since.