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Are you thinking of borrowing money with interest, such as for a house or car? Do you want to know how much you can afford to borrow? Or, if you have been paying off a loan for some time, do you want to know how much you have actually paid off?

If so, you will find BIGANSWERSHACK's own loan, repayment and equity calculators handy. They could not be simpler to use, are safe and not affiliated with anyone, and you can download them absolutely free from here - yours to keep!

There are 3 calculators in this one download:

  1. Loan & Repayment Calculator - LOAN ('How much can I borrow?' = LOAN AMOUNT)
  2. Loan & Repayment Calculator - REPAYMENTS ('What are my repayments?' = REGULAR REPAYMENT AMOUNT)
  3. Loan & Repayment Calculator - EQUITY ('How much have I paid off?' = EQUITY).

This is what they look like, at reduced scale:

This is a stand-alone application - once you have downloaded and installed it in your computer, you do not need an internet connection to use it. You may download and install it in as many computers and as often as you like. You may also save the extracted files to external memory devices such as disks and memory sticks. You may not republish it in any form, original or modified.

Here are your easy download and installation instructions.

1. Click on the following download button.

This brings up the message adjacent (or one similar, depending on your browser). Click save and choose to save to your desktop, where the following icon will then appear.

2. Click on this icon - a further icon like the one shown adjacent will then appear in a window which gives the option to click "extract all files", which you now click for the files to be extracted. Again, choose to have the files extracted to your desktop.
3. Once the extraction process is done, a new icon ("lrecalc") will appear on your desktop below the previous one, as shown in the picture adjacent. Click the "lrecalc" icon to open the folder containing the extracted files.

You will see that this folder contains 17 files. Three of these end in .exe and probably have a "B" icon - click on Loan&RepaymentCalculator-LOAN.exe to bring up the loan calculator, on Loan&RepaymentCalculator-REPAYMENTS.exe to bring up the repayments calculator, and on Loan&RepaymentCalculator-EQUITY.exe for the equity calculator. You may wish to to create handy desktop shortcuts (which will probably sport the "B" icon) for these .exe files for easy opening of the calculators. You may delete from your desktop the lrecalc.zip icon pictured adjacent and, if you create desktop shortcuts for the 3 calculators, you may also delete the lrecalc icon (but not the folder opened by clicking it!).

To copy the application to a memory device, such as a disk or memory stick, simply copy this 17-file folder to the device.